Every day is a new day. A chance to re-create. Joy. It’s embedded in my memory. Of the morning’s cool, crisp breeze that  encourages me to walk a victory walk and dream in color.  To “see and be” the sapphires, the teals, the aquas of the sea – the amazing technicolor!

Then to marvel at the lavenders, the fuschias, and golden hues of the evening sun – hues and hints that the Infinite was active in everything in the world today. Now, when the sun gives way to the evening, the pink sky changes her silken crinoline into navy blue trousers. 

The memories of joy that come from each new day are most of all, the little voices that greet me mornings. Of the joyful symphony of trumpets and rams’ horns that jar me awake. Of love. Of comfort. Of good will.

This sunset is far from the beach I live near – it is sky-high above Kingston, Jamaica – in a slice of heaven on Earth called Irish Town.

I am a helpless skygazer.

Ain’t That A Trip? …when you think, one sky blankets the whole Earth.

I hope you’ll enjoy the short video below of the amazing sky that blankets the Earth. It’s a compilation of the one sky that I have photographed in various places on Earth.

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