At the Caxia Forum in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

At the Caxia Forum  Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

The idea of Ain’t That A Trip? began as a place to share travel adventures.  Travel is one of my passions. So are writing and photography and beach walking and sky gazing.

I’m a Baby Boomer, yet I feel like I’m just getting started. Maybe it’s just me, but I have never gotten over feeling like I’m new here. What you’ll find here at Ain’t That A Trip? are some of the experiences that have unfolded when I have thrown away all expectations for a ‘plan’ and just enjoyed the journey. I’ve decided to add some life experiences, right where I am.


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    The journey is the story of the soul reachig for perfection. I love to read about how other souls reach for that experience called perfection.

  2. Doreen Bethel


    When I said I would live vicariously through your world travels I had nO idea how possible it would be through your brilliant writing and the amazing imagery you create through your blog! Thank you.


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