Ain’t That A Trip? …when time begins the moment you stop watching it.

Nostalgia Softens The Look Back
(C) 2012, Michelle Pearcy
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Some years ago, I stopped wearing a timepiece on my person. At the very moment I stopped twisting my wrist to watch my watch is when time began.

Nostalgia does something remarkable – it softens the look back, making the hard edges of photos from the past appear gauzy and foggy – almost romantic. So often, the reward for looking back over one’s shoulder is joy. At other times, the payoff is discovery and discomfort. It’s easy to get the lesson not to dwell too long in the past when you walk the shoreline – after taking a step in the sand, when you look back the impression has been washed away.

This old Chevy truck became the subject of my camera’s lens on a ride through the countryside.  It was fall in Michigan – just outide of Detroit, my hometown. This old clunker was placed alongside the road as an attention-grabber for what else? A pumpkin patch! This Sunday afternoon, I sprung my Mom from the rehabilitation facility where she was recovering after a heart valve replacement surgery. We would have a few hours to enjoy the fresh fall air – so off we went, riding, to take in the ‘colors.’ What I didn’t realize is my journey would be with one foot in and one foot out of the past.     

It was breathtaking! Without a doubt, the color wheel got its inspiration from fall in Michigan – indescribably beautiful. You can shoot so much with a camera that your own eye misses the experience. This time, my heart was memorializing  everything. I am ever thank-full; the memory of that day is replete with sight, sound, smell, and sensation of a new season of healing. 

October in Michigan. My favorite time and place for pumpkin-picking, cider-sipping, and Sunday riding. 

 “The BEST and

Most BEAUTIFUL things

In the WORLD cannot

Be SEEN or even


Must be FELT with




Ain’t That A Trip? …when time begins the moment you stop watching it. 




Ain’t That A Trip? …when traveling light becomes the unreal edge

 The Unreal Edge

Keep your head to the sky. And, whenever you feel weighted down, if you cannot muster the strength to keep your whole head lifted, just get that chin up! 

The Unreal Edge (Graffiti Art – Brussels, Belgium)
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On the eve of 2011, I sat in a not-so-crowded salon of a Brussels hotel, bringing in the New Year with a young, gentle man from Tunisia. It was a giggle-filled celebration, not just in observance and excitement over bringing in a New Year, but in the common ground between two strangers – two travelers. The acquaintance evolved over a series of glasses of colas and  flutes of champagne. I wondered how long he could continue with his brown bubbly before becoming totally caffeinated. We talked family. We talked aspirations. We talked disappointments. In the space between was lots of laughs that left him with a medical case of hiccups. I smile as I think about how he emphatically invited me – a lone Bohemian – to visit Afriqué.  A few weeks later, his home, Tunisia was ablaze in an uprising.

It seems the road to our legacy is being paved with a cascade of sudden awakenings. The challenge of this generation will be to keep the walk-way elevated and on the high road. That means keeping goodness far away from the ground so when the roots of the Tree of Humanity do expand, the walk-way’s foundation is not wrecked. That’s when the Rock will only be a place on which to stand and no longer an object to hurl. Our greatest, most dynamic moments will be when we live as a community of passionate, loving souls. Then, we’ll know the Unreal Edge.